Select mesh through components


I’ve got a fine detailed mesh from a survey that i need to modify, however the mesh is made up of multiple smaller meshes that aren’t evenly spliced. As in, each sub-mesh has small faces across the whole site and can’t easily be seperated.

I’m looking for a way or extension so that i can select individual faces/edges outside of the main component, similar to how Rhino allows you to select faces within blocks without editing the block.

Refer attached snip where faces are seperated.

Appreciate any suggestions,

Further to the above post some geometry is overlapping so exploding them into one object might end up causing other issues including a black hole to the nether regions of my computer.

Basics of SketchUp at, learn about objects (group, component) and geometry (edges, faces).

Editing objects, deleting geometry with native tools or with Curic DIO2

Thanks mihai

Sorry to clarify I’m trying to select across multiple meshes and delete/retag geometry, without having to dive into them individually (the main reason I can’t do it individually is there are over 2 million faces in the survey and it takes a long, long time to move between nestings)

Curic’s deep select seems to do the trick, but I can’t work out how to select individually as it just selects all faces across all meshes.

I showed you how it can be done with an extension - Curic DIO2. I haven’t written (or used) anything about Curic Deep Select, which is a completely different extension.


Tagging/deleting nested groups using Outliner