Group Faces

Hi, I’m seeking an extension capable of selecting faces with cross selection within groups/components and potentially detaching/isolating them from these groups. Is there any such extension? It’s often tiresome to go inside each group, especially when there are groups within groups, and pick out the needed faces. This kind of extension could really boost my productivity by swiftly pulling out necessary information from groups or components. I look forward to hearing if something like this exists. Thanks.


I’m interested in improving efficiency within SketchUp, especially in navigating through and working with multi-level nested objects. Could you please provide more details about your specific needs?

Regarding the challenges you’ve mentioned, I have a few suggestions that might help:

  • The Curic To Level plugin might be helpful for quickly “jumping” into different geometry levels within a nested structure.
  • If you’re looking to isolate selected objects/geometry, the Curic Birdcage plugin could be beneficial.
  • The Select Tool within Curic DIO2 offers this functionality for cross-level face selection.

I’m keen to hear more about how these solutions align with your workflow or if there’s anything more specific you’re looking for.

You can use the outliner to go directly to the nested group or component instead of multiple double click to get inside the group.