"Select All Dimensions" button no longer working for me

Pro version: 24.0.484 64bit (says it is up to date today, May 8th, 2024)

My normal process flow no longer works, something I have done about a hundred times before. Don’t know if the method changed or if it is a bug.

I am trying to change the look and feel of all of my on-screen dimensions, specifically the color.

Window → Model Info → Select All Dimensions (this last button no longer does anything)
In fact, if I have some anything already selected, including dimensions, everything becomes deselected as soon as I click the Select All Dimensions button.

How can I select All Dimensions in this most up-to-date version. Anyone else having this bug? I will submit my file too.
honor shelf monoAmbiente.skp (372.0 KB)

I moved these dimensions outside of the group and selecting them works as expected.



The Select All Dimensions will only select dimensions in the current context. It won’t select them when they are inside a group or component. That’s the same as it’s always been.

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Thanks for testing this, as I really appreciate it! But I still think this is a bug, no? I am 95% sure I used to be able to move into a group or component, and use that Select All Dimensions button to select all the dimensions within that group.

What you are showing here, by moving them all to the root level, is that you can only use this feature to modify dimensions that are placed on the root level of the model. I don’t remember that highly restrictive use being a thing, as I often attach my measurements inside of the groups they belong to.

Can anyone else confirm or deny?

@DaveR said: in the current context. Meaning that you could select as expected when you are inside a group or component.

Curious as to why you aren’t dimensioning in LayOut. You’d get better looking dimensions.

Yes, he did say current context. But he also showed that it only works when the dimensions are in the root level. I tried adding dimensions into different group layers, essentially different levels of the “tree hierarchy”. but you can no longer SELECT ALL dimensions that are inside any group, anywhere, while trying to select from any level. Does that make sense? I think the new bug is that dimensions that are not at root level, are no longer selectable with this button.

I actually never use Layout in my workflow, but I should give it a try. On larger, more complex models, I add a Tag called Dimensions, and eventually add all of my dimensions to Dimensions tag. That way, I can toggle all of them on and off with the tag eyeball toggle, or just by the group.

I’d say you should. As it is in your model, your dimensions are hard to use due to the way you’ve placed them, anyway. You could do a better job of adding proper dimensions within LayOut.

There is something odd about that specific model. If I open any of the groups for edit and then do model info → dimensions → select all dimensions, nothing happens. But if I open a new model, create a simple group in it, open and add some dimensions, the model info select works! Copy your model contents into a new model and it also works there.

Edit: In addition to @DaveR 's suggestion about using LayOut for annotation such as dimensions, I would note that you have a lot of duplicated groups in the model. It would simplify your life if you used components for them instead.


Try putting the dimensions on their OWN layer.

Wow, you’re right, slbaumgartner, thanks! Something went awry in that file, and it internally got corrupted in some way that made the file still mostly work, but the dimensions were not selectable anymore. Probably a very hard to reproduce error, but if anyone from the Sketchup team wants to dissect that buggy file with the faulty structure, there it is in all of its glory.

So not an error that everyone will experience, but good to know I wasn’t going crazy. Something to keep in mind, and maybe the simple act of selecting everything, copying, and pasting the contents into a fresh file should clean it up (as it did for me).

Yes, I normally am a big fan of components, and use them aggressively, and I like learning the more proper way to build correctly, but I had to whip this together in 20 minutes while I had a carpenter over working on other projects and I wanted to get this design in front of him super quick. It was supposed to be a fast throway file (that then ended up frustrating me beyond belief with this hangup).

[I actually designed and built two houses using sketchup over the past few years, but handed off the files so electrical and structural could be done correctly in autocad]