Segmented sphere? Beaded sphere?

Hi guys,
Long time user first time contributor so appreciate everyone’s thoughts on my question, I’m trying to create a shape that is basically kind of like an old style jelly mould, but simpler.

Jelly that comes out of a mould usually has a base shape of a circle surrounded by semicircles or bulges, that go up to the top of the jelly then back down like an apple core kind of sinks back down.

I guess you could call the shape I wanted to create a beaded sphere? In my case I want the base shape to go round a sphere and meet at the top and botttom points.

Think of an orange with the peel off, that’s similar, in that if you cut it in half through the segments, you have a circle with bulges around it.

Simple in principle, but I have no idea how to do it.

So far I have drawn a 2D circle with the desired bulges at the ‘equator’ of the sphere, but I have no idea how to take the shape up and down to the ‘poles’ of the sphere. I can’t use follow me, don’t think I can use sand box, so I’m pretty stuck.

Any help appreciated!

You need to be a bit more specific, I know what a jelly mold looks like and I know what a beaded sphere look like, I can say they look the same to me. Either is possible but an image or model would help to show us where you need to go.

Thanks Box! Here’s a crude sketch… Hopefully this makes sense

There are several ways to do this, here is one way using Tig’s Extrusion Tools.
Fredo’s Curviloft would be another.

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curviloft on one segment and copy around

I think the basic principle is this: Decide on the shape you want to create; figure out what real-life tools you would use to create the mold or die to stamp the mold shape. Then try to figure out what SketchUp tools will create those shapes. As Box said, TIG’s extrusion tools or Curviloft should do the trick, since they’re well-suited for creating compound curves.

Thankyou so much everyone!

I had meant to upload this previously.The original arcs were copied at 10 degrees and so the final segment was then copied around 35 times.

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