Sefaira tutorial links are broken

Hi, I am walking through the Sefaira tutorial pages, and it seems as though many of the links are broken. On this page:

For example, this ‘Six Metrics Every Architect Should Know’ link: “SketchUp Blog” redirects to the SketchUp blog homepage.

The ‘2030 Challenge’ link is the same, and the header menu ‘Community Forum’ link goes to an ‘Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.’ message.

The Sefaira web application has been updated, the links in the help pages might be broken @corney
Meantime, if you go to this page:
And hit the ? Button in the bottom right, you’ll have the most recent.

Thank you for the link Mike. I think that leads me to the same page:

  1. I click the ? button at bottom right of the page you linked
  2. Choose ‘Go to Knowledgebase’ from the ‘Sefaira Help’ menu that pops up
  3. Choose ‘NEW TO SEFAIRA’ on
  4. Under ‘Learn Building Performance Analysis with Sefaira’, choose ‘Section 2: How is my building performing?’ which takes me to (Updated Feb 01, 2022) which contains the broken links.

Hi @dwoodCT
THANK YOU for telling us about these broken links. We will fix ASAP. Some of the articles are no longer available so I will remove those.
appreciate you taking the time to report this.

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