Revit Sefaira - Critical Errors and Need Help Fast


I am a member of a project team at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. We are trying to understand the feasibility of making 7 buildings on campus NZE. To do so, we have been using Autodesk Insight as well as the Sefaira plug-in to perform energy analysis. However, we are having a great deal of struggle with Sefaira. So far, I have spent countless hours revisiting all of the tutorials, tips and tricks, and commons errors. However, I can’t seem to find any sort of answer. Unfortunately, we are unable to share my project file for NDA purposes, but we could really use any sort of help.

If anyone is able to respond or reach out to us please do so, we have not gotten any response from the SketchUp Help Contact website either. I hope someone out there can help!! Thanks!

Hi @gr-aren-mqp ,

Happy to help here. I have sent a DM to you. Let’s connect and see if I can help with your questions.

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