Sefaira does not work

HI, I’m attempting to use Sefaira.
When I set the project location, It’s not working…

I simulate so many location. Everytime I tried to put in a locaion, Sefaira doesn’t work.
What I have to do this…?

Hi @ccje990524 could you please let us know what location you are using for your simulation? I’d like to try that out and see what might be going on.

Hi! @niraj.poudel
It’s “soeul, Korea”

Thank you to reply :slight_smile:

Hi @ccje990524,

I think what might be happening is that you have the spelling as “sOEul” vs I spelled the city as “sEOul” as you can see in the image below and that seems to have worked fine.

Could you give that a go and let me know how you fare?