Seeking proficient partner for collaborative effort to contribute to the benefit of mankind (and possibly make some money?)

Let me preface this with, I am just a normal guy. I do not have a great deal of wealth or connections to the manufacturing world. I am however, an eager learner, self starting hard worker and out-of-the-box thinker. I have in my head all of the components and elements to piece together a novel product that could service mankind dutifully during these difficult climate changes. This is not some outlandish free energy device but a new take on a tried and true method of harnessing wind energy. The science behind it has already been proven to work but never assembled in the manor in which I wish to do so. There is great potential for this device as there is currently a great demand for renewable energy technology. At first I intended to render this myself for a patent application however it involves complex geometry and as a computer programmer myself I know it takes years to develop the niche skills to be proficient in these types of complex endeavors. I do not have such time because I feel this is something that will be eventually realized by somebody in the near future. I have also considered freely distributing the design on YouTube for all to benefit but this being what could become a multi-person or group effort would be a decision for all of us involved. Additionally, a government grant could be secured for the construction of such devices. But all of these require visual aides as a means to make the complexity more simple & understandable for the people determining the fate of the design. With this in mind I do not feel I have the time to teach and learn enough SketchUp at a quick enough pace to produce all of this ahead of this rapidly expanding market. I have been modeling some of the rotor blades and this has been quite enjoyable but all of the interconnected components, groupings, layers & shortcuts are things preventing me from being proficient at this.

What I seek is a person who would be willing to partner in good faith to help me model this thing out or in the more likely scenario be my partner and act as the 3d rendering expert to help. I would be happy to establish contractual agreements that if this thing takes off whoever is a part of this endeavor would also reap the rewards.

Lastly, I want to assure you that the science and technology behind everything I wish to achieve within this product is already wholly accepted technology lots of it used in the wind industry today but not in the same way I intend to do so. I liken it to when the first guy to patent nitrous oxide systems for vehicles. Prior to that everyone knew adding an oxidizer to a combustible fuel in the right ratios would increase the intensity and energy output. But he was the first one to see that this could be exploited in a automobile motor.

I hope this does not break the rules or code of ethics of the forums. I did read the guidelines and TOS and this type of thing really wasn’t covered I suppose the closest thing would be “solicitation” but this certainly does not meet the criteria based on their verbiage. (“To transmit, or procure the sending of, any advertising or promotional material, including any “junk mail,” “chain letter,” “spam,” or any other similar solicitation.”)

Thanks for reading this far and I hope one of you out there seeks adventure & perhaps shares the idea that they too want to make their small mark on the history of mankind (for the better!).

Be vary careful of who responds here, you will probably get several who can be politely described as spam. Anyone joining into this, since you mention money, would need to be using Pro, and again you will get people using the free version offering professional services.
It would help to know what part of the world you are in, as they can effect things. Timezone communication, relevant laws etc
You may need another post or two to be able to send and receive Private Messages, when you do you can send one to me if you wish to look at it further. I am in Australia.

I very much appreciate your advice/words of caution, at this time I do not know the future of where this will lead it may never lead to money. As with all new ideas some are overlooked, some resisted vigorously due to conflicts with current technology or products. It is totally possible that all of this work is done and it goes nowhere. That is the trouble with these sorts of things. I do not believe that to be the case with this though because wind energy has already been widely adopted as a whole and this just represents an alternative option with the potential to be much more efficient than similar looking designs. I am located in the U.S., EST time zone.

Additionally, the large government sponsored wind projects all focus on horizontal axis wind turbines leaving the vertical wind turbine market a largely untapped resource. There are many available products on the market currently from small independent firms but all suffer from some of the inherent known problems of vertical axis wind turbines many of which I have solutions for. I envision a low cost, high output, easy to install vertical axis wind turbine… While these already exist, the redesign will inherently produce more energy than similar footprint systems through the use of novel design features. Some features may also allow for extended warranty periods which competitors could not possible offer without copying or infringing on this design. (if patented that is)

Hi. When it comes to modeling help, you can count on me. When it comes to similar vertical wind turbine solutions, they are already available on the market for home needs (at low prices), e.g.: TURBINA WIATROWA PIONOWA DRAGON GENETAROR PRĄDU 500W – Dospel

So would the person doing the rendering HAVE to use pro if we’re simply using the renders to pitch for federal grant? or to pitch to lenders etc.? I’m not usually one to duplicate efforts but I do know that the design will be rehashed multiple times as different blade shapes are tested etc. I just wonder if at the time of approval for some sort of funding we could make a final render (it’s most efficient form) in a paid version. To minimize upfront costs until some serious backing is available? That being said, Sketchup is a wonderful product I’ve very much enjoyed doing what little I can with the free version … If necessary I would acquire a license at the moment of need but putting that at the end near the light at the end of the tunnel would be ideal! :slight_smile:

Thanks! This is actually a design I’ve seen before, its not unlike many others but shares very little in common with the direction I am going. I’ve looked through hundreds of google image searches of vertical axis wind turbines to find ANYTHING remotely close and there is nothing available at this time. I have also completed a U.S. patent search, I will be doing the same for Europe soon.

I can’t speak to the legality of that and no Sketchup employees will ever comment on such things, that is all lawyerspeak.
I mentioned it more as a way of helping weed out people that offer to help. Quite often you will get responses from people that obviously have ulterior motives and they generally have Free in their profile.
Generally speaking someone using a Pro version has a mark in their favour when it comes to choosing appropriate help. Having said that, there are many many good designers using earlier free versions and even the current free web version.

I’m not a lawyer, just an architect. Projects that I officially submit to EU offices must be made using legal software. Sketchup Web or Make can create non-commercial projects for your own needs.

If you need help with modeling, rendering or just have a question, write me a PM. It will be easier if you have a specific problem with the drawing to discuss it individually.