Would Like To Hire Full Time A Local Sketchup Person Who Has An Interest In Solar Products

Hello Community Again,
Unfortunately I’m still out of luck finding a skilled SketchUp user in the Rochester, New York area. Its truly important to have someone here at my facility full time. I’m actually to a point that I will have to train a person myself in order to get someone to help with collaboration. I though this wonderful community filled with so many talented people that someone by chance is local. Any suggestions or methods of finding a person within the Rochester,NY area would surely be appreciated !

Hello Community!
I hope everyone is well. I have been having a problem finding someone who is fluent in Sketchup designing in Rochester, N.Y.
I’m well aware of the kind people who contract their services. But for this instance I would need to work closely
with that person at our facility. Sketchup has been my go to design program for many years, even before google purchased the company. I developed my whole solar hardware line from this wonderful program.
Am I out of line with whats normally asked in this forum? If so please forgive my posting.
Sorry I’m just puzzled to why I can’t find someone.
Tore Anselmo

Have you tried Guru or Upwork or other job sites? It might be a better way to reach a target audience. There are Facebook forums as well.

Wouldn’t it be cool, though, if this forum allowed people to post their city and country, and then had a map to display the results? People could then reach out to those near them and see if anyone seems like they are looking for gigs.


Hello Tore,

Hope you are doing good.

I have good experience of Sketchup and AutoCAD designing and I would help you with your requirement. Please get me in contact so that we will discuss this more.

Please PM me your contact details.

Looking forward to hear from you.


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