Security Assessment

Hi Sketchup and Community,

I am reaching out for Sketchup contacts with the ultimate purpose of answering questions to assist in completing a government security assessment for Sketchup Education. We have tried reaching out to the public channels and have not received any correspondence back. If you are part of the SketchUp technical team and you are able to assist, please reach out to me. If a security assessment cannot be completed than your product cannot be used in our states education system.

If you are part of the community and have previously been involved in a security assessment for SketchUp and you are happy to share the particulars with me than please reach out.

The company is closed today and tomorrow. On Wednesday I will try to get the right person to answer your question.

Hi Colin,

Did you find the right person.

The original right person is back from having taken the week off last week. He didn’t yet answer my question whether he is still the right person. His role changed a while ago, and I’m not sure who took over the task.

I’m heading to the office this morning, there are people I can ask in person.

Still trying to find the best person to answer your questions. I did get this, which is our ISO 27001 certificate:

Out of interest, who was it that you contacted that didn’t yet reply to you?

Something else we have is this Higher Education Community Vendor Assessment Toolkit. There may be useful information in there as well.

HECVATFull211.xlsx.pdf (1.7 MB)