Section 889 Certification - Request better suited to email

The body of this topic was emailed to SketchUp Support, however I was directed to post inquiries for school use here. This would be better suited to email and is not related to community support of how to use the product itself.
Hello! I am the technology coordinator for an intermediate school serving 2nd – 5th grade students. I am interested in your product for 3D design and printing. My school is a part of the Department of Defense Education Activity which serves children who are connected to the US military. In order for us to use any digital resource, we must have approval from DoDEA. Part of the approval process is to obtain a Section 889 Certification Form from the vendor in question. This form is required by the United States federal government for consideration of products by its’ agencies. I am hopeful that SketchUp will be able to provide this certification form and that it’s use by our staff and students will be approved. I attempted to email but was directed to post inquiries for school use here. I am unable to even create an account with my school connected email without approval. If you would please provide an email contact so that I can attach the form, and if able, have it signed and returned. I can then move forward in seeking approval for account creation and use with staff and students. I am optimistic since some of your software titles are already approved for install, that the cloud based option will be approved without problem. This would be much more user friendly for our students and teachers. While I only represent one school, approval would be for the district as a whole. Thank you.

Interesting, I don’t work for SketchUp, this is primarily a user forum although some SketchUp employees do monitor and occasionally answer questions here. SketchUp is a fantastic tool for teaching 3D CAD and printing to young people. I’m curious if you need approval for every website that the students visit? SketchUp free is entirely web based and runs in a browser so there is no “download” or “install” on you local computer. If one wanted to print a file one would need to download the file from the web account, but other than that it’s no different than visiting any other website.

Hello! Not exactly, but we do need approval for any site that requires a login/account creation/acceptance of any terms of service - whether for students or staff.

I guess this forum is not the right place to get certification, although there are some SketchUp employees active here.
Maybe @colin can assist you getting to the right people.

Correct, I agree with you. But when I sent an email inquiry, it is where I was directed by The SketchUp Team at Trimble, Inc. to make any inquiry regarding SketchUp for Schools. That the for Schools Team wants all inquiries to be posted on their forum and don’t offer an email address for inquiries. So here I am. I’ve reached back out to them for advice on how to get this to the attention of a representative vs. the community as a whole. So thank you for your @colin - perhaps Colin has some insight. Thanks! I’m just trying to get our 3D printers in use for elementary students while following guidelines set in place by my organization. Step 1 is obtaining this form. Without, I’m off to explore the next option. :slight_smile:

If it is for SketchUp for schools maybe @Steve_Ketchup or @Tori_SU can be of help…

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Yes, I was going to ask them anyway.

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