Section tool bar not showing

A bit confused as the Section toolbar is not showing. The toolbar is ticked and what appears to be the outline box but blank inside. Any ideas?

Still haven’t been able to sort out the reason why the Section tool bar is not visible and only the demarcation border… It is not visible on any of the preset templates either. Still hoping someone can enlighten me…If the brilliant members on the forum can’t help perhaps someone can give me a contact address at Sketchup and maybe they can provide an answer?

Did you install SketchUp correctly using Run as administrator after right clicking on the installer?

Did you try Reset Workspace in Preferences?

Could it be positioned behind another floating toolbar? Maybe on another screen?

This tends to suggest either bad install as @DaveR mentioned or a graphic card issue.
Have you tried updating or rolling back the graphic card driver?

Thank you for your responses. In answer to Dave -just tried to reset workspace that didn’t help. Went Windows, Preferences, Workspace, Reset Workspace, OK I also don’t know the answer to the question as to whether I installed it correctly using Run as administrator. Let’s assume I didn’t how would I go about trying to reinstall it properly? As to Eneroth’s question No I don’t think it is. When it is above the workspace I see the right and bottom edge. When I drag it into the workspace I see a little X in the top right corner a bit of the blue strip across the top and part of the grey block. Click on the X to disappear and it does. Check the toolbar view box and it is back. As to Box’s question - No I haven’t done that. What I can say is that this is a new Dell computer and I had to have it updated remotely by Dell support on purchase and they apparently needed to do a Graphics card update. Initially it did keep asking me to install a driver in the computer but there was no driver supplied. Then I went to Dell support and they fiddled with it. Maybe it is not relevant to this but when viewing something on ebay yesterday the photographs kept flashing. Could this be a clue to a problem with the graphics card? Really appreciate your support. I am hoping to meet you at Basecamp next year!

Find the installer, right-click and choose “Run as Administrator”. From the next dialog choose “repair”.

Feeling really stupid now. I don’t understand the ‘installer’. Do I have to remove the programme and try and reinstall it? Does that mean I have to cancel the license? I right clicked icon and it gave option Run as Administrator and then allow changes to programme said yes - no change. I take it that is not the right way…Or do I download it again and what happens to the single licence?

The installer is the file you downloaded in order to install SketchUp on your computer. If you don’t have it in your Downloads folder, go to the SketchUp site and download it again.

Thanks again Dave. Did that and did what slbaumgartner said. No change icon is as before.

Your comment above about new Dell pc and needing graphic updates and dell support suggest to me that the issue may be citric related.
It sounds like dell sold you a lemon.
I had a 3000 dollar dell lemon some years back. They kept trying to fix it but nothing worked.
Always remember that a ‘New’ computer is only as new as when it was rolled out of the factory into storage and therefore can be horrendously out of date by the time you turn it on.

You definitely need to check your graphic card drivers.

Yes your comment is correct. The computer was manufactured in February 2017 according to the label and I took delivery in September. Where and how would you suggest I started with checking the graphic card drivers bearing in mind there is no hard driver and Dell has had their go? Do I go on -line somewhere and check?

Have downloaded latest driver, done the repair as administrator and still have the same situation. Any more ideas anyone?
Is it worth removing the installation and reinstalling from scratch?

GOT IT!!! Found a reset toolbars instruction. Wonderful. Thank you one and all for your sterling efforts. Solved.

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