Cant see the graphics in the Tool Bars


I have just installed the sketchup 16 but I cant see the icons graphics in the tool bars.
Anyone have an idea what could be the reason and how to fix it?

Screen shot?

Is this for the native tools? If so, it sounds like a bad install. Did you install to the default location?

Have you installed it with administrator rights?

thank you for your reply.
i m not sure what you mean when you write “native tools”
I think we r talking about the same thing. the regular menu on the side has no images on it.
I tried installing in my home computer, and at work. both windows 10.
I am suspecting there are problems with windows 10?
Anyhow i did try few time to install either on default location and another location.
i uninstalled it and tried again but windows gives me a message that this app cant be installed on this computer. see image attached

thank you so much for your help again …its very kind of you.
I didnt reply cause i didnt get notification that I had one. anyhow i logged in after a while and saw your reply

i didnt pay attention.
i will now.
ok tried it and thats what i got
see image attached
thank you so much for taking the time to reply

The “native tools” are those tools which are included with SketchUp.

Your screen shot is so small, I can’t read it. I was asking for a screen shot of SketchUp.

I have a suspicion that you are trying to run a 64 on a 32 machine

oh , i ll check it…
good point

oh , i dont know why you see it small, maybe clikck on it. this scrren shot shows the message from window which say "this app cant run on your computer. the sketchup, i uninstalled it. since it was corrupted…

It would open up and show large earlier but it does now.

So are you using 32-bit Windows?

checking it with my computer tech…:smile:

ok. i checked and found that its a 64 system

Maybe you need to get your computer tech to clean up your machine and install it for you.

the machine is brand new
and the tech dont know the app so …i m stuck with noooo sketchiii

Looking at your screenshot it appears you haven’t downloaded the installer correctly. It is only 3kb and doesn’t have a proper icon.
I would recommend you download again and wait for it to fully download before attempting to install it.

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hmmm…interesting …i ll try to download again but i dont have much control over this process its done by itself and i do wait for it to be finished…

don’t run the installation directly from the download link but download/save the setup application to your local system first… and launch the setup by “right-clicking > Run as Admin”:

SketchUp Make 2016-EN x64
SketchUp Make 2016-EN x32

SU Make version: non-commercial use only

OMG. I feel this is the answer …gonna try it :slight_smile: asap
thank you so much

hey i m back
it still wont work grrrrr

back again, i managed to install the 32 bit version.
why can i install the 64?
are there any compatibility issues with windows 10?
my computer is brand new