Section planes partially working; Mostly just covers interior in black

Hi all

I’ve been trying to cut a model of a house in half so I can get a cross-section snapshot directly and add furniture to the inside/thin out sections of the walls, but after I use the section plane I can’t adjust it any further or select interiors, and the interior is mostly black. I thought this was because I was using the free version, but a pillar displays the interior perfectly.

How can I extend this effect to the rest of the structure?image

You would have to give your walls thickness. It thinks that the structure is solid.

in the free version of sketchup for web you can’t edit styles. And it seems all preset styles show section fills.
The black area you see is a section fill, because sketchup assumes your house is solid. select its roof and make it a component (default shortcut G key) so it becomes seperated, and you’ll see the inside.

You should model differently, by giving walls and rooves thicknesses, and creating group or components

In addition to the advice you’ve been give, you should be making sure you maintain correct face orientation–the outside surfaces of your columns are reversed and should be corrected. Also make sure you are using components and/or groups to create separate objects. That will make your workflow easier.

Thank you all for the advice. I’ll rebuild it as per your instructions and see how it plays out

I tried giving the walls thickness but the effect still remained. I did find success, however, by putting holes in the wall in the form of windows and moving the plane so that the plane intersected the window

Upload your .skp file so we can see what I’ve got.

house2 (1).skp (966.5 KB)

This is what I’m seeing with your file in SketchUp Free. Is this not what you see? Were you expecting something different?

Your building is still all single thickness planes and all raw geometry, that is, you are not using groups or components to organize the individual elements of your model, things will go much more smoothly if you do this. Your front door is also .62 meters high, is this a yurt for gnomes?