Section Plane Tool just creates a black shape

I tried to show students how to use the section plane tool to look inside your model for internal geometry that can ruin a 3D print. In the past it was transparent, now the window is black making it useless.

That’s Section Fill. It can be turned off in the Style edit options. I have SketchUp Shop which provides that option. Unsure if it can be accessed in SketchUp for Schools.
Screenshot - 10_4_2021 , 11_29_01 AM



Woohoo, that was it. I have used the pro for five years and the schools for two years and have never had the need to find that little box until today. Thanks for the wisdom.

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There are several places to look for it in SketchUp Pro assuming you are using a new enough version to have that feature. Whichever way you change it, it’s a modfification to the style so you’d want to update the style if you want the change to stick.

I’ll have to go back and show all my students the process and then update the style. Thanks again.

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