Section plane for cylinder

I’ve two cylinder, one inside the other. I want to show the “inside” cylinder.
I’ve made a group of the ouside one a created a section plane on the vertical plane. The inside one is fully displayed, but the result is not so great.

I’ve then duplicated the “outside” cylinder (with the cut) and made a 90° rotation and overlayed.
So the “outside” is 3/4 displayed, and the “inside” is full displayed. The result is nicier but it uses two overlayed groups, so I see the section lines. It’s not clean.
Is there any better solution?

What version of SketchUp are you using? There is no Free Plan of SketchUp 2018 as you put in your profile. Or are you using a cracked version? The exact method for doing this depends on the version you are using.

Might be easiest to set up a 3/4 circle path and use Follow Me.

I don’t know the license type, I’m just a user. It was already installed on my computer from my predecessor. I guessed it was free, I don’t know…and I don’t really care. I just know it’s 2018.
Your solution works but need to re-create the pieces, and is not very flexible on the angle: once done it can’t be modified. But it’s still better than my solution.

There is no free version of 2018 and the existing free version is web based and doesn’t allow the use of extensions. So while you don’t care, that information is helpful to us in giving you guidance which is why we care.

True, I was giving you an option that can be done without any extensions since your profile is not clear.

There are other options depending on exactly what you need.