Section Pane Actions

Hi, i have two small questions in relations to Section Panes:

01 - is it possible to delete all sections panes from your model, or within a certain group… without having to click into each one and manually delete them?

02 - is it possible to only show section panes for the group that you are active in, and not all sections panes in your entire model… i have a lot of sections panes in my model and it is becoming difficult to locate each one.

Thanks in advance for your help.

My guess is deleting all section planes within context or globally is most likely doable via Ruby.
Geo is Ruby coder = False
@TIG is the Ruby expert.

Setup shortcuts for these edit commands so you can quickly toggle them on/off.
• View > Component Edit > Hide Rest of Model
• View > Component Edit > Hide Similar Components
Example: assign Ctrl+H and Alt+H respectively.


Excellent, thanks for your help Geo, as always.