How delete part of an imported object

Hi all!
I have an imported airplane, but I am interested only in the internal parts. So I have created a section pane along the xy axis and now it shows only the internal parts of the aircraft.
Now I would like to import another airplane, but this one I need to be complete (not only the bottom half…). But the problem is that the section plane will cover also this other aircraft and cut it as well.
So what I thought was to somehow vut the part of the first aircraft that I dont want… Is there a way not only to hide, but also to remove completely some parts? I tried with intersection but it doesn’t work, it deletes the complete aircraft…
Thank you all!

I guess it didn’t work as expected.

You should know that section planes only cut the environment that they are used in.
If you group the first aircraft and add a section plane in its editing context (=inside the group) it only cuts the geometry in this group. Just like you want. The second airplane (outside the group) is left alone.

Intersecting faces with … (several context depending options: with model/selection) creates new geometry in the current context, the context that you work in, be it the top level or inside any group.

Section planes do have a special ‘right click > context menu’ option: ‘Create Group from Slice’. This also enables you to create edges (at first in a sepatate group) that makes it possible to eventually split geometry in parts to then delete the unwanted geometry. Not sure if you want that.

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Hi Cristina,

A section plane cuts everything in its context.

• If you create the section plane in the overall context of the model; it cuts both airplanes.

• If you create the section plane within the editing context of the airplane component; it cuts only what is inside the bounding box (context) of the component.


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