Cut away view

SketchUp 21.0.338 on iMac running 10.15.7
Is it possible to configure a section plane to only show a cut away of selected objects? For example, in the screen shot below I’d like to do a cut away of just the two blocks below the I-beam to expose the anchor bolt imbedded in the block cell. Each block is a component. I can do a section cut but it “muddies” the view by cutting everything in the plane.


If you put the section plane in the context of the group or component, only the component or group will show the cut.

Here I’ve added section cuts in several different components.

And here I put the section plane inside the component for this one chair so it’s the only thing that gets cut.

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See @DaveR’s response… and in other words:

  • group the two selected blocks in your example
  • enter that group (its editing context) and apply a section plane to cut only its content, the two blocks.

If you don’t want to also cut the anchor(s) (them)itself, then the anchor(s) should be outside the editing context of the “two blocks” group.

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Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. Okay, that issue is solved. Thanks a bunch.

Good deal. Now if you want, you can turn of section fill or use TIG’s Section Cut Face to add a face across the section cut where it cuts through the block. TIG’s Section Cut Face creates a “real” face that can have a material applied to it while Section Fill only allows a color to be used.

You can even create one by hand with native tools, but whatever lies exactly on the section plane doesn’t show. When I’ve done that, I’ve had to nudge that cut plane inward by a mm or something just so it will show. Does TIG’s extension address that somehow?

Yes. It creates the face a small fraction of an inch behind the section cut.

Thanks for the additional info but for my needs I don’t really need any fill on the cut. However, I’m still working on the model to get it ready for xfer to LayOut, so I will likely have more questions.