Section line weight

how can i change Section line weight and circle size, font size?

Section line is Raster line and not clear in sketchup layout.
how can i show Section line as Vector in Layout?

please check image

thank you

Edit the style. Make sure update it after editing.
Screenshot - 2_20_2021 , 12_01_53 PM

On the Section plane? There is no setting for adjusting that.

The section cut lines will render as Vector lines.

In order for the section plane to show in LO, you’ll need to render as Hybrid or Raster and the section plane will always be displayed as raster. This is Hybrid rendered.

please check image

do i need to show section line with scrapbook? (direction )

thank you for your support

I answered your question about the section plane. It cannot be displayed as Vector. It will only be displayed as Raster. You can use a scrapbook object instead.