Section line width in sketchup and influence in layout

Does anybody have an trick or do i have to manipulate this in layout?

When I set in sup an section line width on 5 and merge this in layout on an plan and print it its not really width and good to see. Only if i change to hybrid then i can see it good on the plan as well on the print.

Why does an section line width have no influence in layout?

Thanks for an good advice.

Try rendering the viewport in Vector.

Sharing the LayOut file would help us help you.

I know that this helps, but it blow up the file. Is that the only way, and if yes, What make it sense to have an raster?

What do you mean by that?

Share the LO file so we can help you.

It make the file big as far as I know and all info i found say. be careful to do it.
Im surprised how big the file are in this programm against other CAD programm. My littel house is now 150 MB. That is rediculous.

Try Model Info > Statistics > Purge unused. That will probably reduce the file size by getting rid of unused components and materials. Then save the file to actually see its new size.

I guess the programm have lots of space for improvments. When I use pattern and lay it over the section, then the width of the section line is gone. Pattern and hatch are not logical. OMG what a bad thing. Raster / Hybrid nothing is concludent. Each otrher are not connected to other stuff. I have the feeling is like assembled together without any concept!! :frowning:

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