Section cut


I’m having a hard time placing a a ‘section cut’ to get the right view I want. It keeps ‘sticking’ to the front of the area I want to view. Can anyone walk me through making a good section cut?

Section cuts can be moved like anything else with the move tool and the rotate tool. So let it stick to the front to place it, then move it to position.


In addition to Box’s fine instruction, it is generally easiest to position the section cut if you have the camera set to Perspective and a generally quartering view of the model. It’s very difficult to position the section cut if you are looking square on to the section plane.

You can lock the orientation of the section cut before placing it with the arrow keys, sometimes this can help to get the desired direction of the cut more easily.

Thank you, how do I change the camera to perspective?


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What @slbaumgartner showed.