Section cut without background

New here and to SU so please bear with me. (Using v8 pro)
Architectural drawing with landscape.
How can I get a section cut without anything behind (or in front) of it showing?

Get the cut ok but landscape behind it shows and just want to see the building cut and land profile … i.e. a normal architects section view.


I’m not sure if it is standard in SU 8, but you can Right Click and ‘Make group from section’. This gives you just the line of the section cut. You could then set this as the only thing visible in a scene.

Thanks for the help; would never have thought of that in a month of Sundays (or Wednesdays!)

Appears to work, just need to tidy up my drawings and have a play.

Would that be the only way to do it? (no problem just wondered).

To be honest that was only a guess as I’m not really sure what you are after.
I’m sure there are many ways, perhaps an image of what you need would prompt some others to give you better advice.
I never do architectural work.

Edit: You might be wanting something like the plugin, Skalp.

It’s pretty standard drafting practice for a section view to show everything behind the cutting plane, whatever the specific discipline.

However, if you are intent on suppressing background objects, why not simply group them, put the group on a layer, and just turn off the layer when you want to tidy up your section view?


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Thanks for the help.
It’s obvious that I don’t really know what I am doing!

Perhaps main reason for suppressing background was that it was coloured and shaded and I wanted simple B&W image. I know that can use monochrome but then the trees that I have just show as greyed squares and did not look right so wanted main profile and then I could add trees later.

Expect none of that makes sense but remember that I am just starting out so very unfamiliar with anything yet.

Anyway thanks for the pointers, they have helped.

Have you tried using Fog to mute the background?

Or change the style to a black and white one.

I assume you are talking about just the section cut by itself.
If so create
/ position your section. Then right click the section cut and then select section cut face.
This will create a group however it can be hard to select. A Hack or work around is to select geometry outside the section cut then right click and hide. This way you will be able to view the cut. Then click cntrl A, which will select all geometry in the model, push shift and deselect the section group. Then right click and hide everything selected. You should now only see the section group. If you want to use this in layout you can align the view and create a scene (might need to select parallel projection in edit menu Windows).
I’ve done this from memory as I’m not in front of a computer so please correct me if I’ve missed a step. :blush:

Thanks for the reply.
Long forgotten about it now and not really using SU much now.

Your help appreciated, thanks