How to show a Section with no background

I want a structural section of part of my building. I don’t want the stuff in the background showing.
I want this

Not this

I accomplished this by putting a surface in front of the background to block it out. That is kind of awkward to do. Is there a better way?

Check out the styles panel

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As explained you can set the background to be ‘white’.
You can also use a grouped white-face on its own layer placed to obscure objects behind the section cut.
Alternatively play with your Fog settings - see Nick Sonder’s work…

you can use another section too to get this result, see Nicks workflow too.

Can you tell me where to look for Nick Sonder’s work?

Also, I didn’t express myself clearly. It isn’t the sky and ground that I wanted to turn white (though I would do that also). I wanted to keep other objects past the section plane from showing up. For example a door or window that is on the other side of the section plane.

Another way is to create a Group from Slice and a layer that only has that on it.