Section Cut Face = Inconsistent Results

Hi, there. I was wondering if I’m doing something wrong with the Section Cut Face plugin. Each time I use it it produces something unintended (See attached images)

There are times that it works perfectly.



Section fill works based on the geometry that the section is passing through Because you are cutting though different geometry at different heights in each image, it is filling differently. There are several issues that could be causing the difference. To get real assistance with the issue, you are probably best off posting your SKP file… otherwise, all we can do is guess.

Short answer is, no, it is not broken, but your model likely has some gaps in geometry that the section plane is seeing as one big shape, rather than just wall profiles.

Are you referring to TIG’s Add Section Cut Face? or the native Section Fill?

Can you share the .skp?

The native fill in v2019 might do what you want…

But I suspect that it’s my SectionCutFace extension causing your anguish ??
I fail to see why you haven’t posted in its thread at - where you downloaded it from ?
You’d have got a more rapid and comprehensive reply…

If you read its thread you will see it’s quite possible to contrive an object which will section unexpectedly.
It has to make some guesses about what’s solid and what’s void…
If your model has ambiguities you’ll get odd results.
It’s not infallible - but it is free !

However, remember that you can unlock and manually edit a SectionCutFace’s group and delete unwanted faces or add faces where missing etc…

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I right-click on a Section Plane > Ad SectionCutFace

Here is the .skp file for reference (Hopefully that works. I don’t really know how to share a large file any other way)

Have you read my post ?
Nothing is foolproof.
You may be able to tell what’s meant to be faced etc, but trying to program an algorithm to do it is another thing.
If your model has intersecting objects them deciding what’s to get face becomes exponentially awkward.
However, as I explained, you can edit the SectionCutFace group and manually delete or add faces to fix issues - the first example image you provided seems to need only a little work…

It’s as good as it gets [it is free !]…
Newer paid extensions [like Skalp] might have improved performance, but I suspect that sometimes even they will not give 100% perfect results…


You are quite correct!