Section fill changing/disappearing with moving of section plane

Hey, I am having issues with the section fill of this roof. When I have the section plane postioned on one location the entire roof has a section fill, but as soon as I move the section plane to cut through the windows part of the roof no longer fills. Why would this be. I don’t think I have any missing geometry. Here are pictures of 3 different section plane locations. I have hidden the rest of the model so its clear to see.

Normally when fill doesn’t work it’s because there’s not a closed loop of edges in the same context at the section cut.

If you share the .skp file so we can examine your model we can help you sort out exactly what’s going on.

I am pretty sure all the edges are closed though, that’s why I am struggling. It says my file is too large to upload here. Is there a way of reducing it?

Possibly purging unused would help but better to just upload it as it is to DropBox of Google Drive and share the link.

If the openings are created with hole-cutting components, the section fill function breaks. All the edges around the cut must be in the same context.

Ok, I’ve uploaded it to drive. How else are you supposed to create openings for window, and what do you mean by in the same context? I’m having the same issue when I make a section cut to view the plan of the top floor (2. sal). the roof & some walls don’t fill. I’ve checked and they all seem to be with complete edges.

[House Renovation 10.12.22.skp - Google Drive]

you have two ways to cut a hole in a wall :

  • you can use a component that will cut the whole itself. apparently, from what Anssi is saying, that could cause problems in the sections, problems you’re having
  • you can cut holes by hand, by entering the group / component of the wall, tracing a rectangle and pushing. by hand.
  • I mean, third way, with the solid tools. result will be the same as second way.

You need to check your solids…

Turning on Troubleshoot Section Fill shows errors…


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