Search in help gives me a access denied error "You are not authorized to access this page

When I go to the sketchup help and click knowledge center it brings me to the sketchup help center but when I entere a search in the search box it gives me the selections of topics but when I click one of those links I get an error message that says “Access Denied” You are not authorized to access this page. What do I do?

Specifically which search term(s) and what link are you trying to get to? There are hundreds of pages in the Knowledge Center files.

I typed in Array and then I clicked on the Rotate Tool: Creating
multiple rotated copies (radial arrays) link

OK. I see the same message. It may be that they are updating the page and it is currently unavailable.

In the meantime, if you want to know how to make radial arrays, select the entity, get the Rotate tool, hit Ctrl (I’m assuming you’re using a PC. You haven’t completed your profile) , click to set the center of rotation and start to rotate the copy. Type in the desired angle and hit Enter. Then type xn or *n where n is the number of additional copies you want and they’ll be spaced at the desired angle. Or type /n to get the copies spaced evenly between the original and the first copy.

The same issue seems to be posted at several places, see also:

Especially the search feature seems to have been affected by an overhaul of the help center. Some examples have been reported, but I wonder if a more generic approach wouldn’t be more adequate to address this issue.