Why do I get "access denied" for certain topics in the Learning Center?


See the topic above please

Online help "Access denied"
Search in help gives me a access denied error "You are not authorized to access this page

There was a major overhaul of the help center corresponding with the release of SU16. And I know some articles were combined so some old links will not work. I’ve even encountered searches where most of the returned topics lead to the same access denied error.

Post the broken links…


@catamountain is correct. It may reflect careless editing, but the fact is that recent updates to the Learning Center broke some of its links. The best way to get them fixed is to post them here so that the Trimble team knows where to look.


Here are broken links I found in the results of a search for “Axes”

The links to following articles lead to an “Access denied” page:

  • Axes Tool: Resetting the drawing axes
  • Axes Tool: Moving the drawing axes
  • All the three links under the below
  • Hiding the drawing axes
  • Axis Tool: Introduction
  • Drawing axes

Etc. Seems most of these topics are now regrouped under the same article 3000102.


Searching for “Position Texture Tool” returns the following broken link:


Searching for “Inference” returns the following broken link:


Within the SU 2015 release notes webpage:

Released November 3rd, 2014

Version Numbers:
Microsoft Windows 64-bit: 15.0.9350
Microsoft Windows 32-bit: 15.0.9351
Mac OS X: - 15.0.9349


What’s New?

64-bit application

We’ve updated the SketchUp engine to run as a 64-bit application on both PC and Mac operating systems. What exactly does this mean? The least nerdy way to explain it is that 64-bit allows for more bandwidth between SketchUp and your computer’s active memory. Theoretically, the 64-bit version of SketchUp should have a better working relationship with your 64-bit computer. Check out this article for more details including things you need to know about installing 64-bit SketchUp.

“this article” leads to the following broken link:


All the png figures in the SketchUp Help Center article 3000085 Selecting Geometry are “access denied” no matter whether viewed on Safari (Macbook) or Chrome (Macbook or PC). Hope someone can fix that.