Seamless Flooring - Lines get lost

Hi there, when creating seamless textures and combining textures some of my lines get lost.
Even though there is a thin 2 mm border between the planks.

Any suggestions?

So you want the edges to show in your combined texture? Do you have a black-painted face for the seam lines? I made a quick example. Here’s a closeup of the end of my materials laid out. Note that where a plank runs off the edge there’s no black. The planks that don’t run off the edge have a black border half the width of the “grout” lines.

After combining textures and applying to a large face, you can see there are black lines between planks down the length. In the interest of time I didn’t bother to adjust the textures on those end planks to make them appear seamless. This is just one of my large planks ofoak.

Is the seam part of the texture image? If so, perhaps the material is being scaled and positioned such that the seams are outside the face?

I did exactly like you.

The paint is brown though as i didnt want my lines to be so strong.
For some reason it doesnt take all lines. I fixed it now by creating some rectangles over the parts that disappeared then combined again. Then it worked but why it does remove some rectangles before i have no idea…

I don’t know why it did that for you but I expect it’s something in your setup. To be honest I haven’t needed to make combined textures like this for years. This was the first run for me and it went as expected.