Sculpting or manipulating faces

I am wondering if there is a plugin that allows me to either build up or push in part of a surface. IE, take a regular rectangular prism and i want to make it somewhat bumpy and dimpled to resemble rock or maybe even wood. I have attached a pic of what i am kind of after. This is from another software, but i dont want to have to import my models into another program if i can get simular results with a plug in:)


Fractal Erode or Artisan

Erode Artisan


I will have to see this artisan. I do know it costs $39. Is it safe to say that artisan tools allows more control?

Artisan is a very powerful tool, well worth getting the 15 day trial and learning what it is capable of, then decide if it is for you or not before buying.

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a trial sounds nice. Dont get me wrong, i like zbrush and blender but i dont want to keep importing my large models into them just to sculpt basic things.

Thanks for the help. ill give it a shot and see if i want to spend the cash.

before i download etc, did you have to do anything to the cube in order to use the sculpt brush like you showed me? or does the sculpt brush automatically add the material/subdivisions?


I subdivided several times. Second button on the toolbar.

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ok cool. im still thinking haha. i have zbrush but thinking this might be more applicable. thanks for this info

That’s why I said download the trial when you have time to properly learn and test it.

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yeah, im going to get the trial for sure and test it out when im off work and have the time to invest in it.

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