Scroll wheel

How do your fingers live on your mouse?

I keep index finger on left button, middle finger hovering over the scroll wheel, and move middle to either the scroll wheel or right button when I need to.
I realized my colleague moves his index finger to the scroll wheel and it boggled my mind.

I also thought index finger was called pointer finger, but apparently I was wrong.

I use my index finger on the wheel/CMB and second finger is on the right mouse button.

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I do the same. Although I have a mouse where the middle button is separate and the scroll wheel is between the left and middle buttons. The scroll wheel have a middle button function too.

  • Index finger> left button ( scroll wheel / middle button)
  • Middle finger> middle button
  • Ring finger> right button

My middle finger is clumsy, I can only really use it for one thing other than pressing the middle button …
(… but I won’t show this now :wink: )


Oh I was looking at that mouse a while ago - what do you think of it?

Close to perfection!

When using a mouse rather than a stylus, Index finger left click and scroll wheel, second finger right click. But then I also use a space mouse so I would never need to do left click and scroll wheel at the same time.

I too use my middle finger as Dezmo.

I am having trouble getting the cadmouse to work in sketchup. How do I adjust the speed of the scroll and the left mouse button, and the radial button? I downloaded the driver but can’t figure it out.

You will be able to set up the buttons via 3Dconnection Properties.

You can reach it via Windows Stratmenu

Or right click on the taskbar icon

What is this

How do I do this?

windows 10 start menu - Google-keresés

There is a how-to videos
3DxWare 10 - Official 3Dconnexion UK website

That is not helpful.

Have you been installed the downloaded driver?


I installed the driver. I watched videos. I have searched forums and don’t know what else to do aside from return this. I opened up the settings and I am trying to select different options. I can’t figure out how to make it do what I want it to do.

  • in a window, i want the scroll function to scroll more than one item at a time in the sidebar.
  • in microsoft edge, when i right click on a tab it closes it. i want to have the right click function back.
  • on the taskbar, when i right click on a program it opens a new window of that program. i want to have the right click function back.
  • in sketchup, i want to adjust how quickly the scroll function zooms.
  • in sketchup, i want to adjust what the buttons do.
  • in general i want to adjust what the buttons do.

For anyone else who comes to this thread wondering how to operate the cadmouse, I figured it out. When you open settings, keep the settings window visible and you’ll see as you click other programs, the cadmouse settings window will show the name of the programs you click through.

For example, open cadmouse settings, then click inside sketchup. Now when you adjust the settings, you are adjusting the settings of the mouse within sketchup.

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Oh my god I just realized the cadmouse has a 3rd button. I thought that was a finger rest.

Yea, If you did not read my 1st post (#3rd post in a topic) carefully enough… :wink:


Maybe if it was crafted more carefully I wouldn’t have been confused by it. :wink:

Thank you for recommending this mouse.

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