Screen shifts when middle mouse button pressed

When I press the middle mouse button the screen/model jumps slightly across the screen before I move the mouse to orbit. It also happens when panning.

This is so off putting SU has become unusable.

Its is especially annoying when I’m zoomed in to say, to shift a wall, and I want to pan the view slightly to get a better angle. I press the mmb and the wall jumps away from underneath where my cursor was.

Its like if you were trying to write on a piece of paper and every time your pencil gets close to the paper someone pushes the page an inch and you have to move your hand back to where you wanted to start writing.


Im on a Mac with the latest OS and using a 3d connexion mouse

Is it possible that pressing the CMB is being seen as a double press? That is an a feature of the middle mouse button to center the view where you double click.


Hi Dave, thanks for your input.
It acts very similar to a double click of the CMB but the screen does not move to quite the same extent. I double checked the programming of my CMB and it is on single click…