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Hi All,
I am using SUP2020 (current vs); Recently and inexplicably the screen layouts have changed. To explain; I use 3 screens, the centre for the main SU workspace, the left for all the trays and 3rd party tools. In the past, when starting a file that’s how SU started automatically. Now SU starts in the right screen and many of the tools are either not visible or just enough on the left screen to be able to drag them in place. Suffice to say, once i have repositioned all of them and save the file, exit and restart, everything is out of place again and the whole dance starts again. Any ideas??? :tired_face:

Windows updates???

Please update your forum profile, which says you are using 2018. That’s not relevant to your specific question, but it could be in many cases.

Nothing has changed in SU 2020 nor SU 2018 (or any other version). SketchUp does not do behind-the-scenes updates. So, something else changed. As @RLGL pointed out, Windows 10 is the most likely offender; it does push updates without much notice.

What is your setup like? Laptop or desktop computer? Are you attaching all your three screens directly to the graphics card or are you using a dock or similar device?

Hi Anssi, Good question; I use a PC with a 1060 GPU. All screens connect to it. The issue has sorted itself. That is to say, after several restarts and a W10 upgrade as well as an uninstall and reinstall of the missing toolbars, it has come good. Just glad my daily commute doesn’t require an engine out and re-upholstery every time the ciggy light poopos itself. Fingers crossed this stays the course.

My work setup comprises a laptop with Nvidia Quadro graphics, a dock and two external screens. All HP hardware. It took a lot of firmware, driver and software updating and even fiddling with connection cable types to persuade the system to use all the three screens.

Well, after it was finally sorted out we all switched to working from home…


It’s been a while… I am trying to upgrade to SUP2022.
I have one major problem; The New Tray feature does to work.
Explanation - (as with SUP2021) I create 5 trays that all live on a side monitor. These are kept open at all times. When I try and do this 2022, the trays are NOT there the next time I restart SU. Yes, the file was saved; Yes, W10 is fully updated.
Any suggestion? As, if this can’t be fixed, there’s little point in going to SUP2022.

This sounds like an issue with permissions not being granted to allow SketchUp to save the set up. When you installed SketchUp 2022 did you right click on the downloaded installer and choose Run as administrator? If no, close SketchUp, find the installer (probably still in your Downloads folder) right click on it, choose Run as administrator and when prompted, choose Repair. Then try setting up your trays and see what happens. After you set them up, open a file and do a little work in it before saving it again.

Hi DaveR,
After a lot of fussing about the issue is; You MUST remove ALL tray items from the Default Tray first. Then create new tray(s). Merely selecting tray item for the new tray will not remove them from the default tray and therefore will not save the new tray(s). This seems to have not been the case in previous version (I stand corrected). But this is the solution.

Ah, yes. You left out that you hadn’t removed the windows from the Default tray. They can’t be in two places at once.

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