Screen grid appears with Hidden Geometry

With Hidden Geometry ON, a screen grid appears in the area of the group being edited. This screen grid stays the same size when Zooming IN and OUT, like text annotation does. How does this happen, can it be turned off? I teach SketchUp and in several hundred project files have never seen this before. The documentation states that SketchUp does not have a grid.

Hi Ken,

A screenshot would be very helpful.
Better still; upload a model file (<3MB) which exhibits the problem.

Without a screen shot [or SKP] we have to guess…
I suspect you have some faces ‘hidden’, when you switch hidden geometry ON you’ll see the face as a ‘grid’.
If that face is outside of the current edit context it is not selectable.
You can hide it using the edit > component edit > hide rest of model…
If you do not want it then select it and press ‘delete’.
To ‘hide’ objects it’s best to put them on Layers which are OFF.
Note that you should almost always put your raw geometry - edges and faces - on Layer0, then make groups or components and assign other layers to those. Layers control visibility, they do not separate geometry.
Hiding objects has its place when doing temporary operations, but usually using Layers is the better way.
Reserve ‘hide’ for making edges invisible etc, otherwise, hiding faces is a recipe for the kind of confusion you are experiencing…


Here is the model file (sorry, missed that critical aspect). The grid is
not hidden geometry itself, but only appears with View > Hidden Geometry
ON. Glad to hear some great responses on this… One suspicion I have
is that some other software is getting involved here, outside of my realm
of experience.

Assignment_8_-Part_B-_Shan_Tennyson.skp|attachment (2.57 MB)

As mentioned above, it is hidden geometry.
Use outliner to make it unhidden so you can delete or edit it.

thank you, it makes sense now. Ken