A grid just showed up

I don’t know how this grid appeared. I have tried several searches with no luck. I don’t even know how to describe it. All help appreciated. I up loaded a screenshot of the problem because I’m in an internet challenged zone.

Turn off Hidden Objects in the View menu.

Thanks Dave. So,

  1. Why did the wall become hidden?
  2. Can I get it back? (Turning off hidden objects and the objects are gone.)

With hidden objects on, right-click on the wall and select “Unhide”.
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Already rebuilt the wall. Hidden objects is turned off. We’ll see what happens. Thanks.

So now you have two walls one on my top of the other.

I need to be more specific, which is what I harped on to my school kids. Prior to Anssi’s post about hidden objects, I deleted all that appeared hidden. No double entry. Still don’t know for sure how the hiding happened. But if it happens again, I now know how to deal with it. Thanks Dave, et.al.

SketchUp itself would never spontaneously hide anything. There is a Hide function (for example, on the right-click context menu) that allows the user to explicitly tell SketchUp to hide any selected geometry. Perhaps you executed that function inadvertently? It is also theoretically possible that an extension could have hidden the geometry (it’s easy for extensions to do this in principle) though I would hope that any such action carried out by an extension would be triggered in some way under manual control or otherwise with the “approval” of the user.

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The Eraser tool also hides things when you use it pressing a modifier key.

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I believe we have a winner. I am still struggling with using the keyboard shortcuts. It is entirely possible the modifier key is the culprit. At least, now I know. And I learned a long time ago to never blame the program,

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