Screen Capture for use as Background Image

Hi everybody

I am trying to capture an image of my SketchUp model created using a Point Cloud (with the Point Cloud still in the background, but with model edges (Edge Style>Edges) turned off. The problem is when I turn edges off the Point Cloud disappears.

So my question is: can I do a screen capture of just the Point Cloud, and use it as the background for my SketchUp model?

Hopefully that makes sense :grinning:

This is the image I want (but with Edges turned off)…

…but if I turn Edges off the point cloud disappears.

Can I capture the point cloud to use as a background image?

Thanks for any help as always :+1:

Prt scr key?

Thanks. My question is whether I can use the screen capture within SketchUp as a background for the model?

Yes, You can
Edit the watermark in the style palette, add a photo and select “as background”

Perfect - thank you very much :grinning: :+1:

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@Sturnus just listed the steps. Follow those and you should be good!

It should be noted that the image will be a static image that fills the whole screen. It will not align with you model unless you manually along your model to the background.

That’s why I first wrote about PrintScreen and using the result as a texture. I think Kevin is an experienced user enough to know how to do it.
By the way, great work on your site. Haven’t looked in a while but I was impressed.

Thanks Aaron

I think I am pretty well there now - maybe taking a screen capture of the Point Cloud using a Scene with the model hidden then using the same Scene with the model visible and Edges switched off which hides the Point Cloud will line up?


You’re welcome

Can you Use MatchPhoto command?

It will get you close, but the size of the visible area and the size of the image stretched tot he screen will likely be just off… it will ribably be a manual process of panning and orbiting. Once you get it locked in, create a scene so you can get back.

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Thanks - now that I have experimented this isn’t going to work as I hoped because the background image (quite naturally) sits completely behind the model, whereas the Point Cloud sits in true 3D space.

Contrast the bush in this image to the bush in my original image.

Its a shame the Point Cloud disappears with Edges switched off although I have emailed Undet to see if there is a solution.

For this project I was just trying to get a slightly better quick visual for the client - but I guess the original image with Edges switched on isn’t too bad.

Yeah… the issue is that the point cloud is a series of points. Points are just edges with a zero length. Maybe one day scan points will be their own entity type and have separate visibility options.

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I did this one a while ago using Match Photo which I was really pleased with, but it only works where there is nothing in the foreground obstructing the new structure which is often not the case.

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Insert a vertical plane behind the model and give it a background texture. And through the models you have to place a copy background and cut it to the shape of the bush.

You can also sparkle the foreground texture as a PNG with transparency.

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Ah - okay. So probably no current solution for Edges switched off then :slightly_frowning_face:

If all else fails I can always send my models to a guy that does visuals for me, but it its far from quick or cheap.

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Sounds like a need a bit of tuition from you :+1:

I will experiment with your ideas when I have a bit of time.

Thanks for all of your help.

You’re welcome

Two notes to add, one is that as a Pro user you have access to Layout and could tackle this as a series of stacked viewports there. The other is that if you are looking for other options within SketchUp you might look at editing the style to make edges colored by material to see if that suits you better than black edges.

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Great idea :+1:

That achieves what I was after, and a really quick fix.

Thanks very much.

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That might be something @MariusP knows, Undet might mess around with styles.

With Scan essentials, one can turn edges (and profiles) off, while the PC remains.

Point clouds are an ‘Open GL’ thing and differ from normal geometry.