Scheduled payment today?

I already have 2020 subscription, I am on auto-pay upgrade. Do I need to Today as email suggest or is that just for 2019 users to go to Subscription, vs Classic Licensed?

Log into your Trimble Connect account to see what date your subscription is paid up through.

Do not see that Dave? Has all my info and I know I paid for a subscription. I have 2020.

Any promotion emails at the moment are for Classic license owners who don’t yet have a subscription. You have a Pro subscription that runs until mid-April, so the offer wouldn’t apply to you.

Thanks, Colin I appreciate that. I felt that might be the case when it asked for a serial number, which I do not have anymore. Which brings me to another question, is anyone working on the problem, when I am out of internet range, how can keep the program active? As it is now it freezes up and says I have to log in to Trimble or I get “Not Licensed.” If I am with a client on a job site internet is not accessible this could be very embarrassing. Again this seems to be a problem with NO SERIAL NUMBER to access the program. Thanks for your help, Steve

When you sign in to a subscription, you should be good to go for 28 days. After that SketchUp will complain, and you should sign out, and then sign in again, to start a fresh 28 days. If you’re about to go on a road trip or site visit, away from any Internet connection, do a sign out and sign in again before you leave.

The signing in only needs the slowest of connection speeds, a phone hotspot would be enough. Also, if you’re on the road and see a message about too many sign ins (perhaps you were still signed in on two machines at the office), you can deauthorize all devices from the account management portal. That can even be done using your phone.

I only have desktop and laptop so I should be OK with that. It sure didn’t seem like 28 days but I will give it a shot Colin. Thanks, I appreciate it. Keep me from having egg on my face with clients! :smiley: