Scenes Tab Very Buggy - Won't Update Multiple Scenes

I use sketchup tabs and vray batch options to render multiple scenes. However, in 2023, when I try to select multiple scenes and check ‘Include in animation’ to either include it or exclude it, all my scenes get updated to my current scene. I have been using sketchup for years and this behavior never happened but it 2023 it seems standard. In a large render model I lost all my scenes when they were all updated to my current view. If I go to each scene one by one I can uncheck Include in animation but even then there is a huge delay… something is definitely buggy with the scenes tab in 2023 .

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If you are still running the initial release of 2023.0.0 then please update …

SketchUp 2023.0.1 Release Notes

  • (Win) Fixed an issue where unchecking selected scenes from being included in the animation would update the camera for those scenes to match the current camera settings.

When I switch between scenes something I get a Bugsplat, but when I update a scene and then trying to switch between scenes I get a Bugsplat immediately…Never had this in 2022. I use two monitors by the way…

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