Include in Animation updates camera SU 2023 for Windows

Just downloaded SU 23 Pro for both my Windows and Mac machines, and I noticed a bug when setting up a batch render for VRay.

This issue only affects the Windows machine.

When I select a group of scenes to select or deselect the “Include in Animation” box, the camera will update for all the scenes selected. Only the camera is effected, not the visible tags or other parameters.

The problem can be shown in an easier way. Go to any scene by clicking on its tab. In Scenes, select any other scene, or scenes. Uncheck Include in animation. The select scenes’ camera takes on the view of the current scene, instead of leaving the camera unchanged.

Only work around I can see for now, other than export animations on Mac, is first go to the scene that you want to not include in the animation, before unchecking its box. One by one.

I logged a bug in our system, SU-53263. We’re already into a three day weekend, nobody will look at this until Tuesday. But, I’ll tag @trent to make sure he notices it as soon as possible.

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