Scene tabs bug

Hi there! I use sketchup daily for residential design. Through many versions of SketchUp, I have encountered the same bug:

1 - I create many scenes for a given model, more scenes than can be displayed as tabs across the width of the top of the window

2 - I rename the scenes (eg automatically generated “Scene XX” to “XX”) so they can all display across the top of the window without need for the carrot drop-down on the right

3 - As scenes are renamed, the scenes previously available under the carrot do not yet appear as tabs, although there is room to do so

4 - I resize the window in hopes that the scenes will be displayed, and SketchUp crashes

note: If I rename the scenes, save the file, and then reopen it, all is well…it’s just an unnecessary part of my workflow that I would like to have solved if possible. I’m hoping SketchUp can fix this problem rather than receiving workaround advice, although I’m also open to feedback :slight_smile:

Did you send in a bugsplat? Is there a reason you’re using SketchUp 2020? I tried the test in 2020 and 2021, and didn’t get a problem.

No bugsplat was offered, surprisingly, after having to force quit. I just recently upgraded to 2020 from 2017, not yet 2021. I’ll upgrade to 2021 and test it on my side and report back.

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