Scenes not retaining layer settings

When I am working I am constantly setting up new scenes and making sure certain layers are on/off. After i set one up several of the scenes I will go back through them and for some reason it is not retaining the layers I have set on or off and I have to redo them and re-update the scene. It is getting very frustrating especially when I then go to Layout and inject the model in and the views are messed up and I have to go back to sketchup to redo them again and update the scene and save the file and then go back to Layout and re-update the model file.

Is there a variable I can modify that will keep my layers per scene up to date and not change?


You should check that the tick boxes for saving the scene features are checked in the Scenes dialog:

If they are hidden, the dialog expands by clicking on the little black and white icon with a plus sign and an arrow (the second from the right). Some SketchUp templates have most of these unchecked by default.


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Another thing to check:
Make sure you update your scene and save the file after editing…

I have done all of the suggestions and the scenes still do not retain the settings I have set. Anyone have any suggestions? I never used to have this problem and it is getting to be a pain in the butt…

Is this happening with all your models, or just certain ones? If just some, I wonder if it is something peculiar about those. Could you upload an example so we can look it over?