Scenes and section planes disappearing after updating

Hi there I have just updated my Sketch Up Pro to Version 23.0.419. All was going OK for 24 hours however I have just reopened my file and the scenes where I had hidden items had reverted back to unhide… so I had to build those scenes again. Also one scene contained a section plane which has also reverted to full model however I can see a shadow of the section plane in the model. I can’t get it back again at all… very confusing.
Are these update glitches? anyone else having problems?

Have you updated the scenes after modifying them?

If possible, upload your file here.

Someone will probably find the problem.

I´ve been using the latest skp version since its release and i haven’t had any issues with the scenes, you may have updated the scenes accidentally. Can you share the file to check what’s going on?

Double clicking on the section plane toggles it on/of, e.i. to be active to cut / inactive to cut.

Why your scenes changed may very well be due to updates of the scenes you may have done.
Whitout the file it is hard to tell.