Scene Thumbnails not matching

Hey guys. I’m using sketchup 2019 with Windows 10. I have been working on a house and have divided it into Top floor, Bottom floor, and combined top and bottom. I had made a scene just for the bottom floor that was completed, then went on to the top floor. I hid the bottom floor and made a new scene with just the top floor. When I go to click the bottom floor scene, the thumbnail shows the bottom floor, but sketchup does not change anything. I have unchecked hidden geometry but cannot find my bottom floor anywhere? It was working to go back and forth for a while but all of a sudden my bottom floor has vanished. Any ideas?

Save and upload the model, so someone could check.
From what you are saying, it could be a few things.

Are you clicking on the thumbnails in the scenes panel? -better use the tabs or double click to make scenes ‘active’

Unchecking hidden geometry in the scene panel won’t magically unhide hidden floors. - use [menu]Edit->Unhide

In general, visibility of objects in scenes are better controlled through Layers, if you have nested groups and you ‘hide’ something while editing that group or component, you actually change the component itself!

Ergo: the property ‘Hidden Geometry’ in the scenes panel only affects Geometry in the highest level (Model-level)…

Without the file it would still be guessing, though


236 - House Template.skp (542.7 KB)

I was using the tabs!

I tried to unhide through the menu and It didn’t do anything

oi! I guess I haven’t learned about layers yet! but yea you’re probably right!

Ok, I am on my phone, now, so I am not able to investigate your scenes settings.

That is a good thing, it means you haven’t drawn any edge or face with a wrong assignment!

With ‘Erase’ near ‘Hide’ in the contextmenu, it could be that you erased the floor…

Go to and start the essentials…

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I’m guessing the same thing that @MikeWayzovski mentioned. It isn’t unusual to fat finger it and hit Erase instead of Hide. The immediate result appears to be the same thing.

I would suggest that you get in the habit of using layers (correctly as Jack alludes) and use components. At least if you accidentally erase a component instead of hiding it, you can drag a new copy in from the In Model components collection.

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I truly do not think I hit Erase! I will definitely look into layers

I dont think i hit erase because at one point I could flip back and forth between the two scenes and see what I wanted to see then without hiding anything switching back and forth just stopped working

I guess if you did hit Hide, you would see the hidden geometry when you turn on Hidden Geometry in the view menu. It isn’t there, though.

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I do have the clean up extension. Do you think that could have gotten rid of the bottom floor because it was hidden?

There is an option to erase hidden geometry. If you have that selected to happen, I guess that would do it.


Yea I am thinking this is what happened because the clean hidden geometry box was checked! bwa bwa bwaaaa :frowning: Thanks guys! Turning that off now.

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On the bright side, you can say you’ve solved a problem today. Hopefully you can get on the right track with using components and layers now as you go forward and keep your model in good shape. And tell whomever needs to know that I said you have earned a piece of chocolate. :slight_smile: