Scene should be exported with <Camera> instead of <LookAt>

Since < LookAt > always looks the origin, if the SketchUp scene’s view direction is set horizontally (tilt = 90) from inside the building, the Z coordinate becomes 0 on the Google Earth, even if the altitude is set to z value of view point correctly.

On Google Earth, I could reproduce the scene set with SketchUp, just by changing < LookAt > tag to < Camera > tag.
However, I had to capture the center of the terrain so that the XY coordinates of the viewpoint would be on the Z axis of the origin. It was not so easy.

It will more usefull if the SketchUp scene will export with < Camera >, not < LookAt >.

I want to make screenshot on googleearth like attached file.
What kind of landscape can be seen from the top floor of a high-rise apartment.