Scene name on export file name

may be useful if the name of the file being exported also automatically contains the name of the scene, instead of just the name of the model file


Seconded. It’s generally a good idea to include MORE information in a filename, rather than LESS.

If you have 1000 files like Image001.jpg, Image002.jpg, etc, it’s a nightmare.

If you have files like:

Jones Project - 1st Floor Plan - Isometric.jpg
Kelly House - Light Plan - With Dimensions.jpg

it carries a lot more information.

It would be nice to have a sub-system like some image processing programs have, with flexible options for naming files - you set it the way YOU want it, and it follows the pattern:

So you could, for example, say “Export all scenes as PNG, without any background or sky, name them according to the structure ‘Project_Name - Scene_Name - Date - Time.png’, and put them into a subfolder under this project”.

This would save millions of people millions of hours…

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You can export the scenes as individual JPG or PNG or TIFF files using File Menu → Export → Animation.

Set scene delay to 0, set scenes transition to off, set frame rate to 1.

With 4 scenes, for example, you get 4 files bearing the name of the file followed by 0001, 0002, 0003, 0004. Of course, the file have a date and time of creation.

Search Google with exporting individual pictures from sketchup scenes. I did and got 3 hits showing YouTube videos on that subject.

Yes but this isn’t by name, which absolutely misses the point. If you DO export a set of scenes that are numbered, it might work for a bit, but then inevitably you create more scenes win between and then export, just to see that the numbers no longer align the same and you’ve rewritten over files.

To export scenes by name from the scene palette would be AMAZING. I do this because I link the 2D output in my presentations. To be able to re export a 2D image and have it update the correct file by name would make things so much easier and more in line with how most other software works.

I know how to export the individual scenes, I’m just wishing there was a way to have an “Export Style” that would override the individual settings in the scenes.

In other words, if I have 54 scenes and I missed the blue sky on 2 of them, the export would end up with 52 all-white scenes and 2 blue-sky scenes. What I want is to have 54 all-white scenes regardless.

Try s4u Export Scenes

If you only have 2 scenes that are missing the blue sky, it is not very time consuming to change the color of the sky and update those 2 scenes

The goal is to streamline the process and eliminate these errors, not spend time looking for them.