Automatic Add name of Scene in export 2D


put add name of Scene in export 2d .

For exemple, scene have name green… name file test.

to export to 2d, will have name test-scene-Green.jpg

to undestand, check picture.


Yes, I agree this feature would be quite handy . I do lots of 2d export each day : (


LayOut was invented to prevent having to do lots of 2d exports.


Basically, exactly why this extension was created.


LayOut will recognize scene names if you have a standard way of naming your scenes in SketchUp and match it with a template with the same named-views in LayOut, so you can do more than one SketchUp view per page. The only issue is the camera position on the model used to create your template versus the new model you send to LayOut: it may need a slight adjustment to adjust zoom between models.




I’ve thought of this too. Since the default name shown in the Save As-dialog is just a default and nothing you are forced to use this feature doesn’t even need it’s own user setting; it can be permanently enabled.

When making a proper presentation or drawings and the like Layout really is the best way to go, no questions about it, but for fast export of simple 2D images, e.g. to mail to a client, native SketchUp is faster.