Export by right clicking on tabs

It would save so much time if I could right click on a TAB in Sketchup and then export using the tabs name to whatever format I want. For instance export JPG and it uses the Tabs name. Would also be cool to have a check box in the scenes for an “Include in export all”. That way there could be an export all tabs that goes thru the ticked tabs and exports.


Are you referring to the scene tabs? Might be fastest at this point to use the image export option in Export >Animation to export images of all scenes except those that have been marked to not be included in animation. Then rename the images as needed.

Cool for images. I need to export DWGs too but at least this would save a bit of time but does nothing for the naming. I XREF Dwgs and jpegs for elevations into autocad which I use to produce construction docs. Cant get into Layout. Have tried but it kills my productivity.