Scene Management - Scene Folders OR Retain Tag Folder Structure When Importing New xREF File

I find scene management to be one of my biggest challenges with Sketchup. I have two requests that would solve the problem:

  1. The addition of Scene Folders would be my #1 top feature request.
  2. If Scene Folders are not possible then my #2 feature request would be that xREF files retain their Tag Folder structure on import. Seems odd that the file can retain all of the parent Tags but not it’s Tag Folders. The fact that xREF files import into the new file with no tag folders, and that all future tag folders from the parent file have to be reorganized each time you re-import the xREF file make using an xREF file to generate scenes for LO a frustration.

A lot of people including me have asked for this feature, it would be very useful to be able to make folders with scenes, there would be a lot more of control and order.

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I know, I just figured rather than complaining about it to the cat maybe posting here would improve my chances.