Workaround to maintain tag and tag folder structure in xref files?

Prior to SKP2021s introduction of Tag Folders I used Nick Sonder’s method (as outlined in his and Matt Donley’s book) of external reference (xref) files to create all scenes for plan sheets. However, with the introduction of Tag Folders (which I use extensively) I have drifted away from that system.

Using SKP2021, now on import to a new xref file you lose all of your tag folder organization. Initially I tried to create new tag folders in the xref file to reorganize all tags (of which I always have too many), which does work, but I then learned that every new tag I create in the main skp file will have to then be organized again the next time I update the xref file. So to maintain this system I now have to not only try to keep control of my main model’s tag folder and tag structure (which if I am being honest does not rise to the top of my list of strengths), but I also have to maintain that same tag folder and tag structure in my xref models. For me at least, this is simply not possible.

I know that in theory my projects should all use the same tags, the same tag folders, and the same scenes, but my nature is to drift from that theory. So, is there a workaround to this issue that allows your xref models to automatically have the same tag folder and tag structure as your main model?