Scan Essentials snap to section

I’m going bananas with something that I’m sure must be simple. It must be! And I’m just not seeing it, or haven’t figured out how to describe it correctly so that when I google I get the answer.

I’m building a model, using a point cloud to trace over. So that my model is close to the existing building.
When trying to get the ceiling of a room I’ve drawn to the correct height, I’ve got a section going through at the correct height, so that some of the point cloud of the ceiling is visible, some not (it’s not a level ceiling). How can I then use the push tool to snap to that level - where the section is.

This seems so basic, and I can’t believe I’ve not figured it out! Can anyone “point” me in the right direction, please?

Hi Mihai,

thank you for taking the trouble to post that. Apologies for slow response - alas I can’t prioritise this as much as I would like to!

I have watched the video about a dozen times, and have achieved my goal, so thank you. I don’t think I’ve done it quite as expertly or elegantly has you intended, but it gave me enough clues and ideas to muddle through and get the ceiling at the height it needs to be!

A little bit of explanation or narration would help, I think, but certainly not an urgent thing now. You have already allowed me to move on to the next step, so your help is much appreciated.